Councilmember Candidates

Below are the candidates for City Councilmember that will fill the current vacancy. Woodland Park Residents will choose one of these three candidates on their November 3, 2020 Election Ballots. More Information.

Stephanie Alfieri

Stephanie Alfieri

Hello Woodland Park,

I’m Stephanie Alfieri and I’m running for City Council on the November ballot.

Woodland Park has been my home for 28 years. I’m a graduate of Woodland Park School District, a volunteer, local banker, and outdoor adventurer. I bought my home here and plan to live in WP for the rest of my life. 

I’ve been involved in our community for years, with organizations including Lions Club, Mainstreet, Holiday Home Tour, Oktoberfest, Cruise Above the Clouds, and more. I’ve been involved with our local government for years too, regularly attending council meetings, work sessions, serving on the Charter Review Committee and actively advocating for policies that benefit our community.

My roots run deep here. My parents live in Divide where my father is a master electrician, a skill he acquired as a Navy sailor. My mother works for RE-2 schools in Special Education and my brother is a small business owner in Divide. 

As a professional banker I’ve spent years serving our residents & businesses, and I’ve become intimately familiar with the reasons people invest here, both personally & professionally and I wish to preserve those reasons. I see the many opportunities & challenges that exist for a variety of citizens within our community. 

When not at work, volunteering, or participating in our local government, you can find me out where I hike, run, backpack, climb, ski, often with my dog, Lucy, by my side.  I am an avid adventurer and lover of the outdoors! There is nothing I enjoy more than getting out in the beautiful, peaceful scenery that we are blessed to be surrounded by.

I want Woodland Park to be a town I’m as proud of 30 years from now as I have been for the last 30. It will take long-term vision to ensure our town is poised for continued success, building on the wonderful history and traditions that make our town such a great place, while looking to the future with confidence and ingenuity.  By focusing on a common-sense approach to prudent budgeting and expense management while providing high levels of service and allowing more tax money to stay with our citizens & businesses, our community will be in the best position possible to maximize opportunities for a healthy, thriving, strong city for years to come.

It’s imperative that we maintain our town’s financial stability and protect its beautifully unique character for our long-term future success. Involvement is key and I hope to encourage & support citizens to be active in our local government.

 This town has given me so much and it’s a passion of mine to give back to this town. I look forward to investing in our town in this important and exciting way – as a City Council member. Partner with me on November 3rd by granting me your vote and help me preserve the quality of life we all enjoy in Woodland Park!

To learn more about me, check out or

Don Dezellem

Don Dezellem

      Hello, my name is Don Dezellem and I'm running for Woodland Park City Council. Since 1991 I have either lived, worked, or had ties to Woodland Park. I have seen this city grow from a small town with dirt roads, one grocery store, and Ben Franklin being the closest thing to a department store. Woodland Park has grown since then in population, building, and has changed in demographics. Residents are divided over the direction our city will take in the future over growth, city services, transportation, heritage preservation, transportation, wildlife, housing, being enterprise-friendly, and the role of city government among other issues.

     In April of 2020, the City held its Municipal elections for Mayor and 3 Councilpersons. At that time, I lost a seat by 54 votes.  When Noel Sawyer resigned, the Council failed to appoint a replacement due to the unavailability to reach consensus and private agendas. This is costing the City over a thousand dollars to conduct, at a time the current Council (which most claim to be fiscal conservatives) is questioning every financial issue presented to them and are in discussions on a lean 2021 budget.

      I'm not running to be popular or to represent special interests but to be the best steward and servant leader possible for the residents of Woodland Park. I have regularly attended City Council meetings for over 2 years, something at least one of my opponents can not claim. I currently serve on the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board for Woodland Park. I'm a past member of the Pikes Peak Rotary Club serving as co-chair of the scholarship committee and chosen as Rotarian of the Year, I believe in the Rotary motto of “Service above Self” and the principle of building mutually beneficial relationships.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. My email is or call me at 719-205-3592.

Catherine Nakai

Catherine Nakai

     I am running for City Council because I believe we need honest and respectful representation on City Council. 

     I believe in the importance of preserving Woodland Park’s heritage while balancing future needs of citizens, businesses and the whole of the community. I have lived in Colorado 42 years, and am a 19 year resident of Woodland Park, I grew up in the Springs in an Air Force family. 

      I attended both the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and San Jose City College. I started out working in the high-tech customer service and accounting industry, before moving into my current career of 20+years, as an Integrated Circuit Layout Designer.  

      Since September 2019, I have served on Woodland Park's Board of Adjustment. I have volunteered my time to learn more about local government by being a part of the Woodland Park Citizen's Academy this year. I have also spent the last year working with the planning commission and other community members on modifying some of our municipal zoning codes.

      I am fiscally conservative, believing in paying down the community’s debt as soon as possible, but not at the expense of city or education services. Protecting the environment is also important to me. The backbone of my belief is that reasonable persons can work together to find the best solution. Respect, above all, is a must.

      I am a Woodland Park resident, not a business owner, developer or career politician, who’s only agenda is trying to help do right by our community. At the end of the day, I see value in everyone’s views, which should be heard and taken into consideration. 

      Married for 30 years, with a stepdaughter, son-in-law, three grand kids and two cats, my life is rooted in family and life in Woodland Park.