Can I get free wastewater compost? Is it safe?

When available, compost is still given free to City wastewater customers and it makes an excellent soil amendment. The City’s compost consistently meets EPA and State Health regulations for unrestricted use, but the City recommends against using it for vegetable gardens. Call 687-6016 for availability and more info.

Can the police check my house while I’m out of town?

Yes. The Police Department will need contact information and a photo ID. Stop by the Office located at 911 Tamarac Parkway to make arrangements.

Do I need a sign permit for my various business signs?

All permanently installed signs require a sign permit from the City and a building permit from Teller County. A Temporary or Portable Sign Brochure is available for more information in Forms & Documents for the Planning Department. You can also contact the City Planner at 687-5209 for more information or to set up an appointment to discuss your signage proposal.

Does a “run on” toilet really use all that much water?

Yes, a stuck flapper causing a 3 gallon per minute flow through the toilet overnight would use 1600 gallons. A slow leak at only 0.2 gallons per minute over a month would use 8600 gallons.

Does the City provide water and sewer service to customers outside the City?

The City serves some adjacent areas through existing outside use agreements, but because of its water supply limitations the City is generally not approving new outside use agreements. Facilities of great community benefit such as the new hospital are exceptions.

How can I get fingerprints?

The Woodland Park Police Department can take fingerprints. Stop by the Office at 911 Tamarac Parkway or call to make arrangements. A nominal fee may apply and a photo ID is required.

How do I determine if I live within the City limits of Woodland Park and what is the zoning of my property?

The zoning map can be downloaded from the Planning Department Forms & Documents page. It shows the boundary of the City limits and the various zoning districts. You can also call the City Planning Department at 687-5202 to learn how the zoning of a property might affect a proposed project and uses.

How do I file a code enforcement complaint regarding a possible nuisance such as noise, trash, junk vehicles, etc.?

The Planning Department and Police Department work together to resolve nuisance complaints. Contact the Planning Department at 687-5202 first if the complaint is associated with land use violations such as non-permitted uses, construction without permits, erosion control problems, illegally installed signage or other health, safety and welfare issues. Contact the Police Department at 687-9262 if the violation regards traffic and vehicles, littering and debris, neighbor disputes, noise complaints, barking dogs and other safety issues.

How do I get a VIN inspection?

VIN inspections are conducted at the Police Department located at 911 Tamarac Parkway. You must have a photo ID and title or registration for the vehicle.

How do I obtain a police report?

Most police reports are easily available, but Colorado law has a number of rules the Police Department must follow. You may stop by the Police Department located at 911 Tamarac Parkway, but it is advisable to call 687-9262 before you come in.

How do I obtain a traffic accident report?

Traffic accident reports are to be available in ten days. Your insurance company can obtain a copy for you or you can stop by the Police Department at 911 Tamarac Parkway an pick one up. You must provide a photo ID.

How hard is Woodland Park’s water?

Hardness varies a little throughout the year with water sources, but is generally in the “moderately soft” range.

I am considering building a new single family residence in Woodland Park. Where do I start this process?

The entire zoning and building permit process is in the City’s Planning and Building Department. You start with the City’s review, approval, and issuance of a Zoning Development Permit (ZDP). Once the City has issued you a ZDP, you then submit your detailed building plans to the Planning and Building Department, who contracts with the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department (PPRBD) for plan review. Upon plan approval, a building permit can be issued. Fees are collected at each step: ZDP, Plan Review and Building Permit issuance. Visit the City’s website/planning to find the SFR ZDP and city fees, then visit for plan submittal requirements and plan and building fee calculators. Plan Review and Building Permit fees are based on project valuation. You can also call the Planning and Building Department at 687-5202 for more information.

I am considering opening a business in Woodland Park. How do I begin this process with respect to planning and zoning?

Contact the Planning Department at 687-5202 to set up an appointment to discuss the zoning of your proposed location, type of business you will be opening, parking needs, remodeling, signage and other considerations.

If I have questions about my water and sewer bill or my services, who should I call?

Start with the customer service office at 686-9680. If it’s something that office can’t answer they will get help.

Is fluoride added to Woodland Park’s water?

No, but the level of naturally occurring fluoride in the water is 1.2 – 1.6 ppm, a little over the concentration recommended to help reduce tooth decay, but well below the EPA and State Health department maximum, 4.0 ppm.

I’m planning a small construction project such as a deck, interior remodel, garage, or shed. What permits do I need to have before I can begin construction of my project?

When you determine that you live within the City limits you will then start your permitting process with the City to obtain a Zoning Development Permit (ZDP). Once your ZDP is approved by the City then you must go to the Teller County Building Department with detailed building plans for review and approval of a building permit.

The street in my area has a pot hole and needs shoulder work, can you help me?

Pot holes, shoulder maintenance or other street issues can be reported to Pot Hole Patrol at 687-5293.

The street light is out on my street, who do I call?

Street lights in neighborhoods (other than decorative street lights along Hwy 24) are maintained by IREA. You can report a malfunctioning street light to IREA at 687-9277 or to the Public Works at 687-5293.

There is a stray dog running lose – Who do I call?

The City of Woodland Park contracts with Teller County for Animal Control services. Call Teller County Animal Control at 687-9652 or the Woodland Park Police Department at 687-9262 to report a stray dog.

Water bills always show water usage in full thousands of gallons, so does that mean usage is rounded to the nearest thousand gallons?

No. A water meter records gallons of water used similar to the way an odometer records miles traveled in a vehicle. However, the water meter reading is taken from a remote pad located outside the building which records only the thousands and higher numbers. Therefore, a customer doesn’t get charged for any part of a thousand gallons until they use the full thousand.

What are the City laws for dog licensing?

All dogs 6 (six) months of age or older are required to be licensed annually. The current dog license fee is $10.00 for altered (spay/neutered) dogs and $30.00 for unaltered dogs. Each dog license is good for one year from the date of issue. Proof of rabies vaccination must be shown when purchasing a license and this may be done at the Teller County Animal Shelter in Divide or through your local Veterinarian.

What do I do when traffic lights aren’t working properly?

Traffic signal lights are maintained by CDOT. You can call Public Works at 687-5293 or the Police Department at 687-9262 to report a problem and the City will notify CDOT.

When does the City begin plowing snow?

Typically, snow plowing of City streets begins with 3-4 inches of snow.

Where does Woodland Park’s wastewater go?

All wastewater discharged to the municipal sewer system is treated at the City’s treatment facility located along Highway 67 at the north end of the golf course. Treated wastewater is discharged to Trout Creek, a tributary of the South Platte River.

Where does Woodland Park’s water come from?

About 2/3 comes from local wells, springs and streams. About 1/3 comes from Woodland Park’s shares in canal and reservoir companies. Woodland Park pays Colorado Springs to deliver this water through Colorado Springs’ Homestake Pipeline.

Who do I contact to start or stop service?

Please call our customer service office at 686-9680 or send an email to 48 hours in advance.