Board of Adjustment


The Woodland Park Board of Adjustment (BOA) is a five member quasi-judicial board with each member elected to 3-year terms. The Board conducts public hearings on the third Monday of each month if a variance request or appeal has been submitted to the City. Please refer to Chapters 18.51, 18.54 and 18.60 of the Municipal Code zoning regulations for a detailed description of the powers and duties of the BOA.

Meeting Dates:

The BOA meets the third Mondays of every month (pending submitted applications) at 6:30PM at the City Council Chambers located at 220 W. South Avenue in Woodland Park.

Board of Adjustment Members:

  1. John Hanlon, Chair
  2. Larry Larsen
  3. Randy Carlson
  4. Andre Leclercq
  5. Louis Ramon


  1. Kevin Sterling
  2. Lois DeVaux


The City Planning Department at 719-687-5202 for more information.

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