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Meadow Wood Sports Complex

To rent this facility please fill out a Facility Use Permit.
  • If this reservation is for a YouthTeam outside of Parks and Recreation, please fill out a Concussion Waiver.
  • If this reservation is for an Adult or Youth Team outside ofParks and Recreation please provide a Certificate of Insurance,listing the City of Woodland Park as Additionally Insured for$1,000,000.

    2000 Evergreen Heights Drive, Woodland Park,CO
    Directions: Take Highway 24 toHighway 67 North, take a left at the first light, Evergreen HeightsDrive. Go through two stop signs and the park will be on the righthand side.

    This is a 43.83 acre park thatserves as the primary sports complex.

    Facilities Include:

    • 1 Synthetic Turf Baseball Field
    • 2 Regulation Synthetic Turf Soccer Fields
    • 3 Lighted Natural Turf Ball Fields
    • Playground Equipment
    • Concession Stand
    • 1 Ice/Inline Hockey Rink
    • 4 Lighted Tennis Courts
    • Fitness Trail
    Park Rules:

    • Use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
    • No stakes or similar items are to be driven into theground
    • Park all vehicles in designated parking areas. Prior permissionfrom the parks and Recreation Office is required to drive in areasother than designated parking areas.
    • Leave grounds or buildings clean of trash and debris
    • It is unlawful for any person to injure, deface, destroy, orremove any park property.
    • Dogs must be on a leash at all times at all City parks
    • Glass containers are not allow in any City Park

    Synthetic Turf Rules:

    The following items areNOT allowed on the turf:

    Food, Gum, Fruit Rollups, GummieWorms, Soda, Juice, Hard Candy, Sunflower Seed, Chewing Tobacco,Cigarettes, Athletic Tape, Fireworks, Pets, Golf,

    OR anything else that would harm theturf

    Roller/Ice Rink Tennis Courts
    Roller/Ice Rink Tennis Courts
    Green Field 1 Green Field 2
    Green Field Green Field
    Blue Field Playground
    Blue Field Playground
    Panther Field Synthetic Turf Fields
    Panther Field (Synthetic TurfBaseball Field) Synthetic TurfSoccer Fields

    Meadow Wood Sports Complex Master Plan:

    Meadow Wood Sports Complex Master Plan

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