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Below are some frequently asked questions. If you have other questions please feel free to call or e-mail us.

The signal lights on US Highway 24 don’t seem to be timed right. Who takes care of them?

The Colorado Department of Transportation is responsible for the lights along Highway 24. The City will take any messages regarding the working of the lights and pass that information along to C-DOT.

I have a streetlight out. Will the City fix it?

The short answer is “maybe”! The City owns some lights and some are owned by our electric service provider, IREA. Contact us and we will notify the appropriate entity.

Is fishing allowed in City parks?

Yes, fishing is allowed in the pond at Memorial Park.  All state regulations do apply to anglers when fishing.

The cars that travel through my neighborhood drive over the speed limit. Can we have a speed hump installed to help this situation?

The City goes through a very deliberate process before we install a speed hump. We ask the Police Department to increase patrols in the area during the time that speeding is observed. We ask citizens to advise us of any changes in behavior. If speeding is still a problem, we look at other possibilities that might adjust driving behavior. A speed hump is a last resort. We determine an optimum location, contact neighbors for validation, install appropriate signage, and finally install the speed hump.

I keep hearing about a bypass around Woodland Park. What can you tell me about it?

The bypass issue started in 1975 and the bypass may occur someday. Numerous options were studied and two routes are now being considered. It is a fairly expensive project, involves numerous landowners, and is not on the State’s high priority list. For current information, contact the Public Works Director.

How do I get my driveway culvert cleaned?

Driveway culverts are owned by and the responsibility of the property owner. Our City Code states that property owners are responsible for maintenance of the culvert for three feet from either end. Upon request by the property owner, the city will help clean the interior of all properly sized culverts (minimum size is 18″ diameter) in the city right-of-way. If needed, please call 687-5293 to request and schedule City crews to assist with the cleaning.

What utility services does the City offer?

The City provides water and sewer. You may call 686-9680 to have any questions answered about these services.


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