Utility Tap Information

2023 Single Family Residential (SFR) Water Taps

Updated September 12, 2023.

Total SFR Water Taps Allotted for 2023


Number of SFR Water Taps Sold as of September 12, 202321
Remaining 2023 SFR Water Taps59

If you have any questions, please contact the Utility Technician at 719-687-5208.

2023 Water & Sewer Tap Fees

*Water and Sewer Tap fees are adjusted on April 1st of each year.

Utility Locate Information

Call before you dig! For utility locates, dial 811 or 800-922-1987 or visit the Colorado 811 website.

View a list of utility private locators

Please be aware The City of Woodland Park Utilities will only mark what is owned by the City. 

Per the City Charter, the division of responsibility between the city and the property owner shall be at that point, within the property line of the owner at which the property owner has initial access to the service pipes, for example, the shutoff value or the water meter pit. . City Charter, Chapter 13.20.020

Per the City Charter, all sewer service lines shall be owned and maintained by the property owner of the facility being served. This ownership shall extend from the facility being served to the public sewer main and shall include all cleanouts, the connection to the public sewer main, and any other appurtenances of the sewer service. City Charter, Chapter 13.36.040