Sport/Class Cancellation Alerts through Notify Me

The Woodland Park Parks and Recreation Department sends out sport & class cancellation alerts via text/email through the City website Notify Me. You must voluntarily sign up for Notify Me to receive alerts.

Notify Me sends important communication alerts from the City directly to your email or phone. Alerts include: Sports & class cancellations, Facility closures and severe weather alerts, emergency alerts, fire burn/ban restrictions, meeting cancellations or changes, and more!

Signing up for Notify Me alerts is quick and easy:

  • Click Here
  • Enter your email address
  • Select boxes to receive communication via email, text or both.
  • If you select text - enter your phone number when prompted
  • Just below you will see categories of Alerts. To complete the sign-up for Class/Sport Cancellation Alerts, simply click on the email or phone icon next to that alert category. You can select either or both.

That’s it! You have now successfully signed up to receive Notify Me alerts from the City of Woodland Park.