Sales & Use Tax Information

The City of Woodland Park is a Home Rule City. As a result, the sales and use tax structure is different from those of the State of Colorado or other taxing jurisdictions.

City of Woodland Park Sales/Use Tax Rate

  • Sales Tax 4.09%
  • Use Tax 1%
  • Lodging Tax 5.7%

Tax Administration Code

The Tax Administration Code, Sections 3.04 and 3.08 of the City of Woodland Park’s Municipal Code, is designed to provide citizens and businesses with a reference guide to requirements regarding collection of sales and use tax and to implement a uniform system of collection in the City of Woodland Park, which is complementary to the State of Colorado system.

The Code is designed to be consistent with Colorado law and regulations as well as with practices of other municipalities that have elected to self-collect sales and use tax. It is hoped this will be a convenience former chants conducting business in multiple jurisdictions. No one section of the Code states the law applicable to a particular situation. The Code must be read and interpreted as a whole, taking into account applicable statutes and judicial decisions. However, there will be some variance from models utilized by other entities to allow conformance with the requirements of the Woodland Park City Charter.

To determine if a delivery address for a customer is within the city limits of the City of Woodland Park, please visit the Sales and Use Tax Address Locator Electronic Database. You will be required to register, at no charge, to access and use the address locator the first time you access the database. The City of Woodland Park has adopted a "Hold Harmless" Ordinance (PDF) authorizing retailers to use the Sales and Use Tax Address Locator Electronic Database certified by the Colorado Department of Revenue, and holding the retailer using such address locator harmless.