Public Notices

What is a public notice?

A public notice is information alerting citizens of government or government-related activities that may cause a citizen to take action. City of Woodland Park public notices may include notices of: public meetings, ordinances, development/planning issues, liquor licenses, etc.

Section 15.12 City of Woodland Park Charter - Procedure for Determining Instruments of Publication

Notwithstanding any provision in this Home Rule Charter, or any City ordinance, code, or regulation, requiring publication in the official City newspaper, the City Council shall annually determine and declare the instrument(s) for publication by ordinance. The City Council shall find that such instrument(s), which may include the City's website, are currently capable of providing the most information to Woodland Park residents, consistent with City budgetary and time constraints.

(Ord. No. 1271-2016, § 2, approved by voters 4-5-2016)

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