David Ott

City Council Candidate

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Candidate Bio

As a Veteran, I have dedicated my entire life to service.   During retirement I began looking for other ways in which to serve and to give back.  I was introduced to the Veterans to Local Government Program, and after acceptance as part of that fellowship, I interned with the City of Woodland Park, learning the functions, processes, and complexities of municipal government. Much of it was recognizable, particularly in our outstanding city employees and city manager and in the provision of essential services to our community. I was also struck and saddened, however, by the divisiveness on open display by some members of the council. The country I fought for has been struggling to stand up for two years and along with it, the City of Woodland Park. I know I can make a real difference and I know what right looks like in terms of behavior, leadership, and teamwork. I will focus my energies on servicing our debt, supporting our small business, economic recovery, supporting our law enforcement, first responders, and Veterans, improving the quality of life for our aging population, and re-establish and fostering a great relationship with our county and state agencies as appropriate.

While I am not a native, I am proud to say, after a lifetime of service, that I am from Woodland Park.  I chose to proudly call this my home and will spend the rest of my life here with my wife who has lived in Woodland Park most of her life.  As a Veteran proudly serving our country I have lived in several places in my life.  I moved to Colorado over 20 years ago and to Woodland Park almost four years ago.  I have enjoyed coming to this community since 2006 partaking in outdoor opportunities such as fishing, hiking, camping, and hunting.  And I am proud to be a resident and glad that I can continue to enjoy the things I love most about our community.