DeAnn Bettermann

City Council Candidate

DeAnn Bettermann





Candidate Bio

I have lived here 20 years, I worked as a registered nurse in the Springs and drove down the pass for 12 years. One of my periods of employment was at the Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind. My most recent work was with special education students at Cresson, Gateway, and Summit elementary schools in Teller County. I love playing with our community band, the Woodland Park Wind Symphony.

The three reasons why I want you to vote for me for Woodland Park City Council are that small business is our country’s backbone; the council needs to work well together, and the average citizen is the authority.

I believe small business is the foundation of our country, its freedoms, and will increase our city’s wealth. Solidarity of business and consumers means sharing that common interest to inspire and support our economy. We could create ideal conditions for financial growth between business owners and consumers.

When elected I will enhance group dynamics with fellow council members. I believe harmony within the council means to disagree respectfully, when needed. Conflict resolution will result in positive enriched outcomes. Listening to others and considering other’s ideas is of utmost importance.

According to our constitution Woodland Park’s citizens have overall authority in governance. I will be looking for our neighbors input about what makes a good city great.

Elected officials are to defend and support citizen’s rights. Being a council member is a non-paid public service position that requires time and dedication which is not for everyone, but it is for me. I have attended every city council meeting since last spring.

I am a good candidate for our city council because I believe transparency is crucial, communication is key, and establishing common goals for the community is our job. I want a balanced budget, and future water and traffic solutions. I am a constitutional conservative. Our city has so many opportunities for a good future and a higher quality of life.

I will be looking for more citizens of Woodland Park input and involvement.