Jerry Penland

Jerry Penland

Jerry Penland

Candidate for Mayor, 

City of Woodland Park 

2024 Municipal Election

  Phone: 817-680-5601




Candidate for Mayor of the City of Woodland Park, Colorado 

2024 Municipal Election

No Ties to any Special Interests Groups

I retired after over 10 years in private industry and over 35 years working with the US Army Corps of Engineers.  I worked in many US locations, in Europe for 10 years, and in Japan, Korea, Republic of Panama, Puerto Rico and Saudi Arabia.

Proven successful Woodland Park Leadership

I led a grassroots group of citizens to put the Citizens Short-Term Rental Ordinance into spite of a year long major resistance effort from our City Council and Special Interests to defeat the Citizens.

Woodland Park Planning Commissioner for Five Years

After working inside the US Department of Defense for decades, I brought my background and leadership experience to Woodland Park, helping shape our city for the future...from inside City Government.

Proven Success working with diverse groups

I've supervised over 500 people from over 40 nations around the world, successfully executing military construction, environmental and non-military construction programs.

Proven Financial Leadership helping execute $50M Operating Budgets

My office was always a major part of developing and executing internal operating budgets in the multi, multi million dollar range.

Extremely Successful Career

My career started as a Blue Collar Construction Worker, working my way through college, and rose to successfully executing a $25 Billion dollar US Military Construction Program plus hundreds of millions of dollars of work in environmental and other programs.

Professional Contract Negotiator

I negotiated Architect-Engineer Design Contracts and Professional Services Contracts for 25 years.  Included was teaching Architect-Engineer Contracting to new Contract Negotiators around the globe and helping rewrite and update the course material once a year for over 10 years.

Strong Educational Background

I'm a Professional Engineer with Bachelor of Science degees in both Mechancial and Electrical Engineering capped off by a Masters in Business Administration.

Strong Family Ties

My Father, a WWII vet, grew up in the Appalachian Mountains outside Asheville, NC.

My Mother grew up on a NC farm, just outside Fort Bragg, with 10 children in the family.

I'm a Vietnam Era Veteran, following in the tradition of all my Uncles and several Aunts.  I helped develop the first generation guided missile systems while on active duty with the Army. I've been married to my wife (Cathy) for almost 50 years, an Environmental Scientist.  We have two daughters (Caren and Cherie) and a son (Joe), all with college degrees, and all with successful careers.