Tim Northrup

Tim Northrup

Candidate for City Council, 

City of Woodland Park 

2024 Municipal Election

  Phone: 248-251-9992

  Email:  timnorthrup4wpcc@gmail.com

 Website:  https://www.tim4citycouncil.com/


Candidate for City Council of Woodland Park, Colorado

2024 Municipal Election

Hi, My name is Tim Northrup and I am running for Woodland Park City Council.

Accountability at City Hall and Teller County

Over the past year or so, I had talked to more than 1,000 of my neighbors who have shared with me their concerns in this city. This is an amazing town with awesome people.  It is my passion to serve and be a voice to the neighbors and citizens of Woodland Park. This is why I am running.

As people shared their concerns, I have brought many of those issues in front of city council. It is now my desire to implement the changes, instead of just influencing change. 

I also started attending the NETCO fire department board meetings in order to better educate myself on this important organization and its impact on the community.  I want to be a catalyst in building bridges with the special districts; County, Fire, School, Ambulance, and Library. Regular meetings were held in the past to discuss issues, and they need to be started again.

I worked with the former city manager of Woodland Park addressing items in a couple of the contracts that were in the council members packets.

Supporting Teller County Values

I am for limited government and individual liberty.  The role of any government is to govern. That’s it. Their role is not to tell a citizen what they can or cannot do.  But it is the government’s job to keep people from hurting one another. That’s why we have laws, police, sheriffs, and the courts.

Maintaining Woodland Park Neighborhoods and Community

The major concern of the citizens in the past year was Short Term Rentals. I worked on maintaining the character of our neighborhoods by keeping motels out. The new city council will be tasked with implementing the STR business regulations as the moratorium is lifted in Commercial Districts.  I want to be part of that discussion.

Preserving Mountain Life, Work, and Play

I was an Election Watcher and Judge in both the county and municipal elections. My recommendations to both the Teller County and City clerks were implemented.  Without civic involvement and accurate elections, our way of life is in jeopardy.

Affordable housing, water sustainability, and planned growth are all items that the council will need to continue to address as more people come to enjoy the “City Above the Clouds”. 

Past Experience

Spent 25 Years as an IT Manager in the banking business. Responsible for million-dollar budgets, contracts, and IT infrastructure with a staff of 20 in three departments.

After that, started and ran a small business with my wife for a few years.

We then moved to the mountains in Colorado, and four years ago purchased property in Woodland Park.