Steve "Smitty" Smith

Steve \"Smitty\" Smith

Steve "Smitty" Smith

Candidate for City Council, 

City of Woodland Park 

2024 Municipal Election

  Phone:  719-648-9752 



Candidate for City Council of Woodland Park, Colorado

2024 Municipal Election

Steve “Coach Smitty” Smith was born in Oak Knoll Naval Hospital and spent his youth being raised by a senior Navy NCO. From a young age he was taught to understand dedication and the importance of tradition. Through his leadership in youth organizations he saw the impact service makes on a community. Smitty’s core values as a helper and a builder brought him to Woodland Park over three decades ago to help a family member start their business. By the mid-90’s he was helping and building the larger community with his work in our schools. So many of our neighbors in Woodland Park and Teller County know Smitty firsthand; he has coached generations of our student athletes. They know Smitty has reliable guidance and winning decision making along with the ability to execute. Steve brought Woodland Park their first State appearances for football. He established and built programs that are still making an impact today, like our girls wrestling program.

Since his retirement in 2014 from coaching, Smitty is consistently seen around town and community events. From the city-wide cleanup to the old-fashioned 4th of July, you’re certain to see Steve when the community comes together. Smitty is also an avid fundraiser through the community organizations he belongs to. Steve has raised funds for our schools, community pantry, scholarships for band students, and scholarships for college bound Teller County kids. Smitty has spent 32 years investing in Woodland Park and prides himself on the lasting valuable relationships he has built with people from all over the Ute Pass area.

Over his 3+ decades living in Woodland Park, Smitty has seen the town grow and change from the mountain hamlet he found here in 1992. As a man of action over words, Steve decided to run for City Council in early 2024.Concerned about responsible growth while preserving the unique character of Woodland Park, Steve is ready to tackle the problems our city faces now and in the future. From potholes in roads, to the bigger issues like securing water resources and affordable housing for the people who work in our community, Steve’s sole priority is representing the best interests of Woodland Park residents and local businesses. Smitty has been a trusted community leader for 30 years. He is fiercely independent without agendas attached to politics and special interests; he is only beholden to his neighbors, the people of Woodland Park.