Are sign permits required?

Sign permits are required for most signs in Woodland Park. The City adopted a new sign code on April 1, 2010 (PDF). Please consult the sign code and the educational brochures below for guidance on when permits are required and what is allowed in terms of types and sizes of signs.

Sign Brochures

Zoning Development Permit (ZDP)

For those signs that require a Zoning Development Permit (ZDP), it is necessary to complete and submit a sign permit application to the City of Woodland Park and have it approved prior to installing the sign. In some cases, there may be structural elements of a sign (such as in a free-standing and/or a lighted sign) where a Building Permit or an Electrical Permit may also be required. Please call the Planning and Building Department at 719-687-5202 to inquire about this possibility.

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