What are the benefits of Teen Court?
  • To the defendant: Interruption of a potential pattern of criminal behavior. Improvement of self-esteem resulting from successful completion of the program. Reinforcement of positive behavior. Accountability. An opportunity for a young person to avoid a criminal record.
  • To the community: Service to the community benefiting the entire community.Parent-guardian involvement. Reduction of the caseload in the over-burdened criminal court system. Dramatic reduction in the number of repeat offenders.
  • To the schools: A positive alternative for students who have stepped "off track" for the first time. Judgment of a teen by their "peers" which in many cases has a more powerful impact than adult discipline. Real consequences for delinquent behavior in the school environment.
  • To the student volunteers: Involvement in redirecting peers. A better understanding of the judicial system by teens through hands-on participation. Reinforcement of good citizenship. Improvement of public speaking and advocacy skills.

Teen Court is held in the Courtroom located in the City Hall Complex. Teen Court can be reached by email, or you can contact her by telephone at 719-687-9262.

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1. What is Teen Court?
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5. What are the benefits of Teen Court?