Are the city offices open?

Yes. The city offices will open to the public beginning May 4, observing all 6 foot social distancing requirement. We are encouraging visitors to set appointments and to wear masks. Remember, we can always help you with questions and registrations via phone or email during business hours.

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1. When will the Aquatic Center reopen?
2. Are you still having summer classes and programs?
3. Are the city offices open?
4. Are the tennis courts open? What about the dog park and the basketball courts?
5. Are you taking reservations for your parks and facilities?
6. I am a three-month or annual pass holder at the Woodland Aquatic Center. Are you going to add the months you were closed to my annual/three month pass?
7. I was registered for a class, program, or camp prior to closure. Do I get a refund or credit on my account for those cancelled activities?
8. Do my Punch Passes at the Woodland Aquatic Center have an expiration date?
9. What If I previously had a Punch Pass at the Woodland Aquatic Center that expired with visits left?
10. Am I allowed to go to Memorial Park, Meadow Wood Sports Complex, or any of the other parks in Woodland Park?