Community Investment Fund Committee

In December 2007, the City Council created a Community Investment Funding Review Committee.  The Committee’s Purpose and Objective is re-stated as follows:

  • To create a fair and equitable means to process applications for Community Investment Funding.
  • To establish a formal program for application and review.
  • To establish reasonable limits for funding.
  • To create appropriate guidelines to ensure fairness in consideration.

The Committee created an organized plan to establish a process for review of these requests on an annual basis.  A standardized application and budget reporting form were developed for use by each requesting organization.  The purpose of creating this process was to provide mechanisms to transfer the responsibility for review of each of these requests from the City Council to an established Committee and provide a process for more finite decisions.  This plan was approved by City Council Resolution on March 6, 2008.


Approved CIF Budgets: