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1. Will Airbnb and VRBO pay for my taxes?
2. Does the City have new ordinances pertaining to Short Term Rentals?
3. Why can't I pay my taxes online?
4. What are your rules for STR (Short Term Rentals)?
5. How much is a Sales Tax/ Business License?
6. Can I file my return online?
7. I only plan on selling my product for a few days. Do I need a business license?
8. If I am late in filing my return, is there a penalty?
9. What is the City Sales, Use or Lodging Tax?
10. I want to operate a business out of my home. Do I need a Business License?
11. Can I file a Zero Tax Return?
12. What is the Debit Blocker ID?
13. Will I be able to pay by e-Check (ACH), Credit Card, or Debit Card?
14. Will I be able to pay by ACH Credit or Wire Transfer?
15. What tax forms or fees can I file on MUNIRevs?