Board of Adjustment


The Woodland Park Board of Adjustment (BOA) is a five member quasi-judicial board with each member elected to 3-year terms. The Board conducts public hearings on the third Monday of each month if a variance request or appeal has been submitted to the City. Please refer to Chapters 18.51, 18.54 and 18.60 of the Municipal Code zoning regulations for a detailed description of the powers and duties of the BOA.

Meeting Dates

The BOA meets the third Mondays of every month (pending submitted applications) at 6:30PM at the City Council Chambers located at 220 W. South Avenue in Woodland Park.

Board of Adjustment Members

  1. John Hanlon, Chair
  2. Larry Larsen
  3. Randy Carlson
  4. Andre Leclercq
  5. Louis Ramon


  1. Kevin Sterling
  2. Lois DeVaux


The City Planning Department at 719-687-5202 for more information.


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