The next Municipal Election will be held in 2018

Per the City of Woodland Park Charter Article II Section 2.1-3 Regular Municipal Elections for the City of Woodland Park are non-partisan and held on the first Tuesday following the first Monday in April of even numbered years to elect a Mayor and (3) three Councilpersons.

Special City elections may be called by resolution or ordinance of the Council not less than thirty (30) days in advance of such election, or when required by the City Charter or by State statute.

All Woodland Park Municipal Elections are conducted by Mail In Ballot and notices of such elections are published in the Pikes Peak Courier View and posted at City Hall and online at the City’s website.

For more information about the April 3, 2018 Municipal Election, please contact Suzanne Leclercq, City Clerk, at (719) 687-5295 or sleclercq@city-woodlandpark.org.


Candidate Information

Candidates Running For Mayor

Neil Levy

Neil Levy

Candidate for Mayor

Address: 19263 E US Highway 24
Home Phone: (719) 687-2001
Cell Phone: (719) 332-6338
Email: npmslevy@msn.com

A Colorado resident since 1977, Neil Levy has lived in Woodland Park since 1999, when he purchased the Swiss Chalet Restaurant, which he continues to own and operate. He also owns and operates the Peppertree Restaurant in Colorado Springs.

A passionate advocate for his community, Levy has served as Woodland Park’s mayor since 2014. He currently serves as vice chairman of the Pikes Peak Area of Council Governments Executive Board. He has been a PPACG member since 2015. In 2017, he served on U.S. Congressman Doug Lamborn’s committee to select prospective military academy applicants from Colorado for the classes beginning in 2018.

Levy also is head baseball coach at Woodland Park High School and serves on the board of North Teller Build a Generation. From 2005 to 2013, he was a member of the board of directors of the Greater Woodland Park Chamber of Commerce, serving as the board’s chairman in 2012-2013.

Through the Peppertree and Swiss Chalet’s popular Wines for Life dinners, Levy has donated more than $100,000 to support research and treatment for such life-threatening diseases as cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, Lou Gehrig’s Disease and HIV/AIDS.

His ongoing support of the Woodland Park RE-2 School Foundation annual dinners has helped raise over $50,000. Levy’s other philanthropic efforts support to Pikes Peak Regional Hospital, Help the Needy, The Woodland Aquatic Project and many other community nonprofit organizations.

Levy has been recognized with numerous awards, including the Woodland Park Chamber of Commerce’s highest recognition, Wagon Boss of the Year, and the Teller County Small Business of the Year award.

Levy is a native of Albuquerque, New Mexico. He attended Del Norte High School, University of New Mexico and the University of Colorado. He served as assistant head baseball coach at Del Norte High School (state championship finalist, 1975) and head coach of the Albuquerque Reds Connie Mack baseball team (state and district champions, 1975).

He and his wife, Paula, founder and owner of Day Break adult day care in Woodland Park and former administrator of Namaste Alzheimer’s Center in Colorado Springs, have three children: Max, a graduate of the University of Colorado currently employed at Oracle Corp. in Denver; Sam, a freshman at the University of Oklahoma; and Lou, a junior at Woodland Park High School.

Val Carr

Val Carr

Candidate for Mayor

Address: 1291 Charwest Drive
Home Phone: (719) 686-8228
Cell Phone: (719) 313-6131
Email: mtnguise@aol.com

As Mayor, I will work to inspire the newly elected City Council as we invest energy and time to fully understand the issues before us as I have done for my past two years on Council.  I will actively lead the Council to be curious and demonstrate interest in issues that are presented and which recently have been without such leadership inspiration.  I have a strong record of public speaking and ‘thinking on my feet’. Since I have no outside business or other paid responsibilities, I would be a full time Mayor.

My record as a strong advocate for fiscal accountability and responsibility by the City is well documented through my history of budget and policy analysis and other efficiency proposals to the City.  I will continue to study the proposals put forth by the City staff in depth and make recommendations to the Council and staff, as Mayor.  My leadership and analysis has changed minds many times to the benefit of the community, resulting in more efficient administration and budget reductions without impacting city service levels.  As Mayor this leadership will be more visible as I lead the City Council through public oversight deliberations and show the citizens a more open process from our entire Council in our role of guidance to the City administration.  As Mayor, I will strongly encourage the new City Manager to work together with the entire Council for the benefit of the citizens as their tax money is spent efficiently, wisely, and openly.  I have demonstrated this attitude and energy constantly, successfully overcoming obstacles in working for the citizens of our fine community of Woodland Park.

Economic vitality for local businesses and services depends on a certain level of revenue that is often insufficient from the local population.  To supplement the local spending, we must attract visitors to come and spend their money on goods, services, food, and lodging, then return home.  My experience in organizing visitor events with Mountain Arts Council, the Ute Trail Stampede Rodeo, and others will be valuable as Mayor. That experience will ease my Mayoral duties as an ambassador to attract visitor events and perform public relations for the sustainability of our community and see it stay strong in the healthy, small, mountain western town ways we love.

Young professional families are seeking high tech environments for homes and these new community members will revitalize our schools and community businesses. My successful business career as a former high tech CEO provides me with the background to assist with this type of business attraction and promotion.  This experience will be useful in my Mayoral duties as I reach out to industries and professionals in parity with their state-of-the-art concepts in those industries that hopefully, in the future, will find Woodland Park a more tech and family friendly location to live and work.

For submitting questions, your ideas, and additional information on my background and my Mayoral ideas for our town, please refer to the Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/MayorValCarr/

Candidates Running For City Council

George Jones

George Jones

Candidate for City Council

Address: 260 Morning Sun Drive
Cell Phone: (719) 644-6840
Email: gfjonz@gmail.com

It took but a brief moment for us to fall in love with Woodland Park – the natural beauty, the altitude, the people.  These elements, combined and experienced separately, continually renew and re-invigorate our passion for our city and our state.

Foremost, I am a husband of 30 years to my beautiful wife Lynn.  We have three children, all young adults pursuing their passions in Denver, Houston, and New York.  Together we desire to serve this community and we are regular attendees of Woodland Park Community Church.

My career spans 31 years in the private sector as a software engineer, entrepreneur, business leader, and technology consultant.  In my current role, I am charged with developing new and innovative software that underpins my client’s business objectives while at the same time, advising executives on navigating our rapidly evolving digital economy.

Having made a career in a global technology company, I have had the fortune to travel to far-off locations, experience diverse cultures, and meet some fascinating people.  These experiences, while interesting, pale in comparison to the richness of immersing ourselves in our new hometown, living and investing in our local economy.

To the citizens of Woodland Park, I offer my experience crafting a vision and establishing direction for large and small organizations.  The experience of being accountable for achieving financial results and people leadership.  I offer the experience of bringing disparate groups together, focusing on a goal and achieving success.

Often, I seek and rely on guidance from mentors, leaders, or coaches who have positively impacted my life.  Accordingly, a football coach of our two boys crafted a mantra that has stuck with me for years.  He repeated it daily laying out a path for the boys on how to achieve success, how to focus and drive toward a common objective.  Simple to recall but not easy to execute: “Discipline.  Strength.  Commitment.”  It is the application of these words and the principles behind them that will define the path in the coming years for Woodland Park.  How well we move forward these next four years, together, will depend on:

  • Discipline in fiscal oversight, in growth of our local economy, in local governance, and communication to our citizens
  • Strength in our Public Saftey, Public Services, our Business Community, and our Schools
  • Commitment to a unified vision for our city and a vibrant and engaged population

I look forward to meeting with folks personally, face-to-face, and discussing specific action plans aligned with the principles above.  Catch me downtown at one of the local businesses or at Memorial Park with our dog, Miki!  Of course, you can always connect with me on FacebookLinkedIn, or Twitter.

Kellie Case

Kellie Case

Candidate for City Council

Address: 1210 Evergreen Heights Drive
Cell Phone: (719) 291-0951
Email: kelliecase@kw.com

Good Day! I am Kellie Case and I look forward to listening to your needs, concerns and ideas associated with our community, Woodland Park.  After serving 17 years as the Finance Director/Treasurer for our city, I am honored to have the potential opportunity to serve again; as a member of the City Council of Woodland Park.

Utilizing my Bachelor’s degree in Accounting as well as a Master’s degree in Finance, I was proud to contribute solutions to the unique and exciting challenges of our community.  In my nearly two decades of untiring service to Woodland Park, I believe my experiences and expertise uniquely qualify me to help my fellow council members make excellent choices in a conservative and responsible manner.

Currently I am enjoying the challenges and successes of growing my real estate business and am proud to be a member of the Keller Williams Clients’ Choice office in our beautiful, Woodland Park.  After 22 years of serving in many facets of municipal government, I pride myself on my ability to discuss issues as they present themselves, in an adult and respectful manner to reach a consensus and move forward.  I look forward to demonstrating this once again, to the City of Woodland Park.

When I’ve tended to the details of my clients’ specific needs, I enjoy my time away from the workaday life by volunteering in our community.  As an active member of the Woodland Park Chamber of Commerce and the Ute Pass Symphony Guild I enjoy directing my efforts into the Tweeds Holiday Home Tour and the Symphony Above the Clouds Admission-Free Concert, respectively.

I have one adult daughter, Taraleah, two dogs and one, unusual kitty cat. Thank you for your trust by supporting me in the opportunity to once again serve Woodland Park.

Noel Sawyer

Noel Sawyer

Candidate for City Council

Address: 1210 Mountain Meadows
Cell Phone: (719) 660-4534
Email: nsawyer@city-woodlandpark.org

Noel Sawyer attended the University of Colorado in Boulder on the Evans Scholarship program.  He studied physics and completed his bachelor’s degree at Regis University in Colorado Springs in Computer Information Systems.  Since 1998 he has worked for Oracle Corporation as an Advanced Corruption Specialist Database Administrator.  He has a successful personal computer business in Woodland Park and because of his passion for soccer has taken on the position of varsity soccer coach for Woodland Park High School.

Mr. Sawyer has been involved in the community since 2001 when he moved here with his wife and son from Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Since moving to Woodland Park he immediately got involved by working with the Teller Senior Coalition and Senior Center by teaching computer classes.  This was the beginning of working with many charitable organizations in Woodland Park and Teller County.  His desire for success of the community lead him to become a city council member.  Currently involved with planning the future of Woodland Park by being on the Downtown Development Authority as the vice-chair and Main Street board.  Mr. Sawyer also represented Woodland Park on the Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments.

His active involvement as a local business, City of Woodland Park Council Member, high school soccer coach, parent and advocate of retired citizens has given him a strong network and understanding of the needs, wants, and potential within the community.   While living in Woodland Park, Colorado and working for a worldwide corporation Mr. Sawyer has a unique perspective on how state, country and world events affect our community.

Hilary LaBarre

Hilary LaBarre

Candidate for City Council

Address: 185 Glen Dale Dr
Cell Phone: (303) 349-4066
Email: hilaryrealty@outlook.com

Woodland Park is my home town. I am a fourth generation, Pioneer family from Colorado.

I received a Juris Doctorate from the University of Denver, Sturm College of Law. 2015 Graduate of the Leadership Program of the Rockies. My certifications include CASA volunteer for Teller county, CFI for the Colorado court system and, Foster Parent through Hope and Home in Colorado Springs. I am a former Deputy Coroner with Teller County.

I come from a proud military family. I am the wife of an Air Force Reservist, C-130 pilot. I love my standard poodles, Taylor May and Sir Remington. I enjoy going Jeeping, camping, movies and, I am an avid reader.

I am deeply committed to continue making Woodland Park a wonderful place to live and visit.

I promise to you that I will:

  • Seek stronger stewardship of our tax dollars.
  • Advocate for our business community.
  • Support honest, ethical city government
  • Find solutions to issues without growing government.
  • Defend, inform, and protect our citizen’s liberties.
Mark Maruszak

Mark Maruszak

Candidate for City Council

Address: 1150 Pine Ridge Rd
Cell Phone: (512) 699-4245
Email: mark.r.maruszak@gmail.com

Mark Maruszak was born in Michigan and has always had a yearning for the mountains. When the opportunity presented itself and after months of research including visits, it became clear to Mark and his wife Audra that Woodland Park would be a place where their kids would grow up and their future generations would be born. Mark worked as a fly fishing guide while attending Michigan State University and then chose commercial banking as a career, while enjoying woodworking as a hobby. Mark and Audra are parents to Wade and Lily, the whole family loves all that Woodland Park has to offer. Some of their favorite activities include hiking, camping, ice fishing, and watching their kids play sports at Meadow Wood Sports Complex.

Passionate is one word that describes Mark well. He has spent over a decade in the banking industry advocating for small businesses to help them gain financial stability and has helped take many to the next level. Helping organizations plan is one of Mark’s strengths. Whether it is analyzing spreadsheets or offering creative recommendations these are some of the skills that Mark looks forward to bringing to our city.

Unity is another word you would use to describe Mark. Anyone who has met Mark knows that he is down to earth and enjoys striking up a conversation with everyone.  This has served him well as he has a history of entering intense business negotiations and finding consensus where there was originally none. There is a need in our city for just this skill and Mark is excited to bring his expertise to the table.

If you have any questions or would like to set up a face-to-face meeting please feel free to contact me via Facebook.

John Schafer

John Schafer

Candidate for City Council

Address: 425 Oxford Lane
Home Phone: (719) 687-8887
Cell Phone: (719) 502-6162
Email: jschafer@city-woodlandpark.org

Early Years, Air Force and Consulting

John Schafer was born and raised in Morgantown, West Virginia.  While attending Morgantown High School, John applied to enter the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, was accepted and entered the Academy in July 1953.

He graduated with the Class of 1957 in June, 1957, and was commissioned in the US Air Force.  He was assigned to an Air Force flight training program in southern Texas. After two years of training, John’s initial operational assignment was to a Strategic Air Command B-47 bomber crew during the “Cold War” days where he spent many days on “alert”

During the remainder of his 24-year Air Force career, John held a variety of positions with increasing responsibilities.  He ultimately rose to the position of Program Director for the Air Force B-1A Bomber, a variant  of which is still flying as an a strategic asset around the globe.

Schafer retired as a colonel in 1981.

Upon retirement John was hired by aerospace/defense contractors where he spent 12 years with profit/loss responsibilities and was promoted to Vice President and Director of Programs.

Schafer was recruited by a consulting company in 1993. He spent ten years as a corporate consultant. One of those assignments involved a German company, Lufthansa, where he spent 15 months correcting a variety of manufacturing and repair problems.

The last four years of his consulting career he operated his own company as a sole proprietor while turning around a recent Lufthansa acquisition of an American company.

Colorado (2002) and Beyond

In late 2002 the Schafers  moved to Woodland Park and looked forward to a healthy and happy retirement where he could focus on fly-fishing, woodworking and volunteer work.

John began a ten-year engagement with Habitat in 2004 that culminated in John’s  promotion to President and Chairman of the Habitat Board.

John’s proudest accomplishment with Habitat was acquiring the first property (seven acres – 2009) within the Woodland Park city limits for the sole purpose of building six affordable town homes.  John was the primary Habitat contact for the project, and he and the City Planning Department spent 16 months completing and approving all necessary documents.

John is also active in his church, Mountain View United Methodist Church, where he chairs the Church Council and sits on the Finance Committee.

Schafer was appointed to the WP City Council in April 2012 to fill a two-year vacancy and was re-elected to an unopposed four-year term in 2014.

  • He served four years on the Community Investment Fund Committee
  • He continues to serve on the Utilities Advisory Committee

Most recently (November 2017), John took the lead role on Council in recommending to the City Manager and staff to revise the 2018 budget to include a 10% emergency reserve in the General Fund in accordance with a December 2014 resolution passed unanimously by Council.  John was able to convince three of his colleagues to vote with him to double the then-existing 5% emergency reserve.

2018 Election

The City of Woodland Park will be holding its regular municipal election on Tuesday April 3, 2018. The City will conduct this election through a mail ballot election. City of Woodland Park registered voters will elect the following.

One two-year term

One four-year term
One four-year term
One four-year term

City elections are non-partisan, meaning affiliation with a political party is not required or relevant.

Prospective Candidates

Must be a resident of the City and a registered elector who has resided within the City limits for a period of at least twelve (12) consecutive months immediately preceding the date of the election.

Nomination Petitions will be available at the City Clerk’s office at 8:00 AM on January 2, 2018 and must be returned to the City Clerk no later than 4:30 PM on January 22, 2018. Each candidate for City Council must be nominated by a petition signed by at least 25 registered electors residing within the City of Woodland Park.
Only petitions obtained directly from the City Clerk’s office may be circulated. Blank petition forms may not be copied for the purpose of obtaining additional signatures or to give to other candidates. Petition forms from the City Clerk’s office may NOT be disassembled. Each candidate must turn in all of his/her petitions at one time.

Election Calendar

Election Calendar updated 12/07/2017

Election Day Hours

April 3, 2018 Election Day Hours 7AM – 7PM

March 31, 2018 Saturday prior to Election Day Hours 8AM – 1PM

Map of City Limits

Register to Vote

You will need a Colorado State driver’s license or an ID card issued by the Department of Revenue or other acceptable form of identification. Register to vote in person at the Teller County Elections Office, City of Woodland Park Election Office or head to www.govotecolorado.com.  You can verify your registration information, register online, or update your current registration with a new address on the state website.

Requirements to Vote

Information and forms will go here.

Political Campaign Signs


Campaign Signs. Campaign signs shall be allowed in addition to any other signage allowed by this chapter. All campaign signs shall be removed within five days after the election for which the sign pertains. The responsibility of removing campaign signs is that of the property owner.

For a link to the City of Woodland Park’s Municipal Code 18.48.020(J) Click HERE

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Ballot Drop-Off

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