Employment & Volunteer Services

Job Openings:

VOLUNTEER SERVICES AND OPPORTUNITIES For more information about volunteering at the Woodland Park Police Department please call (719) 687-9262.

Teen Court Teen Court is currently looking for volunteers. Please contact Beverly Hodges, Teen Court Coordinator 719-686-2500.

Teller County Victim Assistance Program has opening for local full-time residents who are interested in working with law enforcement helping crime victims by providing immediate support and resources.  Applicants must be 21 years or older, pass a background check and have a valid Colorado Driver’s license. Victim Advocates will receive 40 hours of initial training and will be on call with other advocates responding to crime scene at the request of law enforcement (no contact with offenders).   For more information please contact Erika Vida, Program Coordinator at 719-686-2535.

Volunteer Job Application

The Woodland Park Police Department is seeking reserve officers:

  • To volunteer as a reserve officer, please return this form to the Woodland Park Police Department.


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