North Teller County Build a Generation

Vision: A healthy and strong community in which we all care about the growth and welfare of youth!

Misson: To support and strengthen our community through communication and collaboration between agencies, groups and individuals for the benefit of youth.


Across our state and nation, communities are increasingly concerned about the welfare of their children and the growing problems of substance abuse, delinquency, violence, school dropout, and teen pregnancy. North Teller Build A Generation is an innovative, long-term planning process which involves a community coalition to address these problems. NTBAG is based on the “Communities That Care” Model of risk and protective factor focused prevention and the Social Development Strategy. NTBAG currently has 21 members that serve on our Community Prevention Policy Board (CPPB). Members represent collaborative partners from multiple sectors of our community that deal with children, youth and families, including the Woodland Park RE-2 School District, the Woodland Park Police Department, the Teller County Sheriff’s Department, Teller County Public Health, Teller County Department of Social Services, Community Partnership Family Resource Center, the Woodland Park Parks and Recreation Department, Teller Pregnancy Resource Center, the faith community, the business community and several youth representatives.

Build A Generation is based on the premise that if you are going to make lasting impact on adolescent problem behaviors, two approaches are necessary:

  • reduce areas of risk that threaten children and youth and,
  • increase “protective factors” – those external experiences which enable youth to with stand negative influences, make good choices and engage in healthy behaviors.

Creating and sustaining this kind of change is complex, evolutionary and requires:

  • Creating and committing an infrastructure to guide and encourage involvement from all sectors of the community,
  • Environmental and systemic change,
  • A coordinated effort in participating in, and influencing local public policy decision-making,
  • Coordination, cooperation and collaboration between institutions and organizations,
  • Supporting effective prevention strategies, and
  • Coordinated approaches to maximize resources.

The NTBAG Community Prevention Policy Board accomplishes these tasks by collecting local data and analyzing which of the 19 risk factors identified in the model are the most serious in our community. The three highest priority risk factors identified by North Teller Build A Generation are:

  • Availability of drugs and alcohol
  • Favorable attitudes toward the problem behavior
  • Early initiation of the problem behavior

The next step is to inventory existing programs that address these priority risk factors and to determine what gaps exist. This information enables the community to move to the final step of developing a strategic prevention plan, which is implemented, evaluated and updated on a continual basis. Our goal is to continue community mobilization toward prevention and to increase healthy beliefs and clear standards in our community overall. Our comprehensive plan addresses needs in the community, family, school and individual domains with both service delivery and systems changes.

NTBAG is funded by the City of Woodland Park, the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division of the Colorado Department of Human Services, and a Drug Free Communities Support Program grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Build a Generation

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